Update on the Bitcoin Trading Bot October 3rd

Update on the Bitcoin Trading Bot October 3rd

Update from the last bitcoin trading bot post

Has the price has plummeted, I decided that I want to profit from the volatility and find the new bottom, as we are testing $360, which is a new low for this bitcoin trading bot. I changed the PPO for the bitcoin bot I am using , to follow the 15 minute, so that I can catch the waves a bit quicker than the 30 minute. This will ensure that I am indeed going to “ride the waves” as people say, during times a volatility.

haasbot bitcoin trading bot ppo 15 minutes

So given these situations, my bots have actually gotten me out of the market at ~$371 and are waiting for confirmation to rebuy. I am quite please with this set up thus far and we will see how the market plays out once I have completed more trades. This bitcoin trading bot works very well with volatility for these indicators so it will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

haasbot trading bot

As you can see from the screenshot, both of my bots (minus the droploss bots) have sold above where the market currently is and they are waiting for confirmation on when to buy back again. Note: the regression bitcoin trading bot has been working a lot over the past week and has been protecting my bitcoin trade positions quite well in this extreme bear market. I am quite pleased overall how this bitcoin trading bot handles these situations.

We will see how the weekend turns out. I have feeling that $360 will be the resistance and I do believe it will hold, but I will make sure my drop loss is set to sell my bitcoins (if they are in that position) at $355 to make sure that I am out of the market as we reach a new low. I must say, that with this software, my trading confidence has been very high when I leave my computer, because I know that this bitcoin trading bot will take care of my strategies while I am away.